at Drake Vs Lil Wayne
Jerzee in the building.  (at Uptown In Dallas Texas)
How many times can I go to Mr. Chow’s, Tao’s, Nobu
Hold up, let me move my bowels. (at Nobu Dallas)
My Wife & My Mom playing in the garden. #ThisIsRealLife (at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden)
Riding around and getting it with the parents. #uptown #McKinneyTrolley (at McKinney Avenue Trolley)
Not a cowboys fan, but you can’t knock the hustle. #JerrysWorld #CowboysStadium
If it’s me and you against the world, then so be it. #Oregon #WillametteRiver

 (at Willamette River)
Moms & Wife. #chuckandjesssweetsixteam
No filter just love. #chuckandjesssweetsixteam (at The Knox Home)
Jersey In The Building! #chuckandjesssweetsixteam  (at The Knox Home)
Moms & Pops. #chuckandjesssweetsixteam  (at The Knox Home)
Both Moms. #chuckandjesssweetsixteam  (at The Knox Home)
The Bride & Groom! #chuckandjesssweetsixteam (at The Knox Home)
Headed where nobody took it, who meetin’ us there?